Horror in the Hollow – Haunted Hayride

The Coeymans Hollow Fire Company would like to thank those that came out to the 6th annual Horror in the Hollow hayride. While the weather did not cooperate during the day while we were setting up, the rain moved out just in time for the event and we still had a good turnout. Plans are already underway for next year’s event which will be bigger and even more fun.
We would like to thank following for their support, donations, and assistance which made this year’s Horror in the Hollow a success!

• Boehm Farm
• Dunkin’ Donuts
• Cornell Hook & Ladder – New Baltimore Fire
• Christine Eck
• Coeymans Police
• Muller’s Automotive
• Francisco Equipment
• Coeymans Parks & Recreation
• Track 32 Italian Pub
• Punishers LEMC Excelsior
• Gradian Bells Sisterhood
• Lukens Horse Transportation
• Lowe’s
• Coeymans Fire
• Ravena Fire
• K2 Entertainment DJ Service
• Big Top Portable Toilets
• Farmer Jon’s
• Collins and Son Inc.
• Thomas Marra
• Robert VanEtten
• Mark Stanton
• Mike Zakens
• Onesquethaw Fire
• Coeymans Hollow Trinity United Methodist Church
• Brady’s K-9 Savior
• Last but not least, the amazing members of the Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company



3 days ago

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

A building across the street from the Ravena Firehouse caught fire on Saturday for the second time in a few years.

Ravena and Coeymans fire departments were called to 119 Main Street with Ravena Rescue and Albany County Paramedics shortly before noon on Saturday after receiving the call for a reported structure fire.

Fire crews arrived on the scene to find a stairwell fully-engulfed in flames. A signal 30 was transmitted and mutual aid companies began rolling out.

New Baltimore and Coeymans Hollow fire departments responded as mutual aid. One engine from Selkirk Fire was brought to standby at the Coeymans Firehouse. Westerlo Fire was dispatched to cover for Coeymans Hollow.

Heavy smoke was coming from the third floor of the structure. Ladder 26-70 of Ravena Fire was brought to the rear of the structure.

Crews were able to get water on the fire within minutes and the rest of the fire in the building was extinguished very quickly.

A water main break also occurred on Central Avenue in Ravena, just down the road from the fire scene.

This is the second time this structure has caught fire in a matter of years. One of the buildings next door still has heat damage from the previous time this building caught fire.

There was nobody inside at the time of the fire. One cat was rescued from the structure and was taken inside the Ravena Firehouse for care.

Fire investigators were on the scene working to find the exact cause of the fire.
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Great pictures of the fire companies working together!

2 weeks ago

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

An elderly man escapes with only singed hair from a structure fire in Westerlo on Saturday morning.

Westerlo Fire and Westerlo Rescue were disatched for a reported structure fire shortly before 9:30 a.m. in the area of 244 Route 406 on Saturday, February 2.

Units enroute to the scene reported heavy smoke in the area.

Assistant Chief Don Filkins of Westerlo Fire arrived on scene and transmitted a signal 30 due to heavy fire coming from the structure.

There was one elderly man living inside the home and was inside at the time. He noticed the fire when it started and attempted to put it out with a jug of water. The fire began to grow even larger and the man was forced to crawl out of the home with little to no clothing and went to his family's home right next door for help.

The Greenville and Coeymans Hollow fire departments assisted on scene.

The bulk of the fire was knocked down in about 15 minutes.

The fire is believed to be caused by an overloaded electrical outlet.

The homeowner will be staying at the house next door with his family.
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3 weeks ago

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

The Albany County Sheriff's Office has a Countywide Registry for Persons In Need living in Albany County. The program is designed to assist residents with special needs who would need help to evacuate their homes during an emergency situation such as a natural or manmade disaster. Also, residents would have wellness checks by and EMS Provider and a Deputy Sheriff during incidents of extreme weather and disasters.

In addition, information from the application will be entered into the County's E-911 system, allowing emergency responders to instantly identify any special needs of callers from their residences. Prior knowledge of the needs of a caller could make a difference during a crucial time.

This completely voluntary Registry is the most extensive of its kind in the Capital District.

All information will be used for emergency purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential.

If you or a loved one is interested in registering please use the link below.

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4 weeks ago

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

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Ready to go at a moments notice.

1 month ago

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

One person is injured following an explosion at a home in Westerlo on Saturday, January 5.

The Westerlo Fire Department received a call for a reported structure fire at 8 Slade Hill Road shortly before 6:30 Saturday evening. A second call was received stating that there were reported explosions at that location.

Arriving units confirmed a fully-involved structure fire coming from the garage of the residence. Mutual aid companies began to be requested to assist in the blaze.

According to Westerlo Fire Assistant Chief Don Filkins, "[T]here was some welding on a tank going on down in the basement and apparently there was a pin hole in the tank and as soon as they put a torch to it, it exploded."

One occupant inside was taken to the hospital after suffering burns from the explosion.

"When we arrived we had numerous bottles of oxygen and acetylene exploding in the structure itself," said Filkins. "It was a tough fire fight to get in because we could not quell the flames fast enough until those bottles were burned off." There were also propane tanks inside as well.

Crews were able to save the back half of the structure, however, the front half of the structure is a total loss.

At last check, the family was still making arrangements of a place to stay. Assistant Chief Filkins commented saying "The one thing about towns like Westerlo is a lot of people know each other. Usually they take care of each other up here pretty well."

The fire was under control in about two hours.

"I'm just thankful for all the firefighters that showed up," said Filkins. "There was a lot of fire showing when we first arrived, I didn't think we were gonna have this outcome."

Fire departments on the scene included Westerlo, Onesquethaw, Berne, East Berne, Coeymans Hollow, and North Bethlehem for rehab. Greenville, Rensselearville, Ravena, Knox, Huntersland fire departments were all assigned as standby and cover companies.

Also on the scene was Westerlo Rescue Squad, Heldeberg EMS, Westerlo Auxiliary, and Albany County Paramedics.

The fire is currently being investigated at this time by the Albany County Sheriff's and Cause and Origin Investigators.
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